When we bought our house I could never have dreamed of that I would, in just a few years, want to build a woodshop. My vision was to have some tools so that we could renovate our house in the way we wanted. I started to buy some power tools, that would aid us in our restoration work. I attended some restoration courses and in one of the courses I got invited to a closed course, where the members of the course had been attended the course for many years. The closed course was primarly supposed to be furniture restoration, but as my involvment progressed, I soon realised that I could also create things for our restoration work.

Then we decided to change our windows from the 1940's, and it all changed. We had designed our own window casing after having researched the topic a lot. We made some drawings and I created some quite complicated casing in my course. When we were putting in the second pair of windows, we didn't have that much time, so we hired a woodworker to create the casing from our drawings. Low and behold, the price tag for that job was much, much higher than the price for the wood I had bought for the first casing. It then dawned on me that I needed to be able to do that myself, in my own woodshop. That was the beginning of my real woodshop.

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